Web design + Seo services and more

Below are some of the services we offer to our Mumbai, India customers.

Website design
Our design team is ready to create a unique web site that is visually appealing, functional and easy to navigate. In addition to Web Site Design, we can provide shopping carts, secure credit card processing, email submittal forms, professional portfolios and more. Read about Web design package here.

Jvw has many Web Site Hosting packages available. Whether you have a small site, or a large e-commerce site with secure online order and credit card processing. Our complete web hosting plans start at just INR 750 per year.

Internet Marketing
Web Site Marketing is very important and, when done properly, will place your web site at or near the top of search engine rankings. The higher your ranking, the more visitors you will get on your web site. Read SEO package here.

Jvw offers complete Web Site Maintenance Services to assure your web site is properly maintained and the content is fresh and updated, thereby encouraging visitors to return frequently. The maintenance has 3 parts :

  1. Web design maintenance.
  2. Seo maintenance.
  3. Complete Website + Seo maintenance package.

The e-Brochure (Electronic Brochure), is an electronic version of a traditional brochure that is delivered to clients or prospects via email. e-Brochures can contain text, photos and images, along with email and web site links. Some of the many benefits include instant delivery, reduced administrative costs, increases office productivity, dramaticreduction in paper, printing, production and mailing costs.

Our eCards (or e newsletters) are the perfect way to delivery your customized message via email. Why go through the hassle and expense of mailing cards when we can send them instantly via Html email.

Domain Name Registration
Domain Names are the www.yourcompany.in (.in, .com, .net, .org.), that you must have in order to create a web presence for your company or organization. While on our web site, you can check to see if a Domain Name is available, and register it for as little as INR 199 per year.

Your Company WebMail
For only INR 1250 per year, plus a one-time 250 setup fee you can send and receive email right from your web browser using your own domain name i.e. you@yourcompany.in

*All prices stated in INR Rupees

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